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Welcome! This is Horizon Tech Services.

Your 1-stop Information Technology and Information Systems Security and Assurance services junction.

About Us

IT Consultancy

We provide consultancy services for all walks and stages of software and IT development.

Conformance Validation

Internationally recognized standards for crypto-based security systems, like FIPS 140-2 & Common Criteria.

Network Security/Audit

All round testing services including Penetration Testing & Infrastructure Security Analysis.

Managed Services

We provide a host of industry standard package of managed services

Network Installation

Our installation services let you acquire, unpack and get up to speed in no time.

Digital Forensics

Our purpose-built malware analysis service identifies targeted and unknown exploits & malware.

Security Evaluation/Validation

Complete security evaluation and validation covering all aspects of IT & Info Security.

Security Training

We provide custom on-site security awareness trainings & workshops in Pakistan.

IT Infrastructure Development

We provide Enterprise level Infrastructure development in the Information Technology paradigm.

Horizon: We sport state-of-the-art IT Consultancy Services!

We have the most up to date set of IT consultancy services in the country. From individual entrepreneurs to Big businesses, our services are tailored to serve all shapes and sizes.
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We have the best facilities.

We have the most advanced labs in the country.

We have state-of-the-art facilities. Our labs are unmatched and purpose-oriented. Our teams consist of people equipped with innovative thinking backed by knowledge and research in various leading technologies, with international certifications.

Take a Journey with Us

We treat clients as our family. Once you hire us, we are certain you'll never leave us. And for what its worth, you'll enjoy this symbiotic relationship.

Why choose Us

We provide the most robust and diametric set of services in the digital security paradigm. Our track record speaks for itself. And we meet all recognized international standards.

Our Mission

We provide security and training services across swathes of information and computer technology spectrum. The strength of our commitment will exude from our immaculate services.

What you get

Sustainability, unmatched work efficiency, protection from foreseeable threats and those threats that you even didn't know of. All in all, your business will flourish unabatedly.